Skin problems and solutions


Skin is the natural outer layer of tissue that covers the human body. Our skin needs to tolerate many irritating things like dust, dirt, sun and rain. As a result, skin loses its natural beauty-brightness, liveliness and gets dirty. So, we suffer disappointment and worried for the skin problems. But we can get back the natural beauty of the skin by taking its proper care. A little awareness and proper treatment could help us regain the natural beauty of our skin.



Let us first gather some ideas about the structure of skin before learning about how the skin problems could be solved. Skin is the largest organ of the human body having multiple layers of ectodermal tissues. Ones ethnic or hereditary background decides the skin complexions which could be white or fair or black.


The skin has multiple layers of ectodermal tissue and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. Different types of skins like fair, brown or black are for hereditary characteristics. In addition, some are dry or oily skin. An adult human skin weighs about four kilograms and the surface is about 1 square foot.


Let’s talk about variety of skin diseases which are causes for our physical deface. Among these diseases, acne, mechata, eczema, some spots below the eyes, the skin ages, impression.




The skin disease which is more or less everyone affected is called Brona. This disease usually occurs during adolescence. Generally, the disease is common for 18-20year-old boys and girls. However, many more suffered the problem in the middle age. There have various symptom shows in brona like skin lesions, inflammation of the skin which is black spots or marks. According to the characteristics of the skin, black and white spot create by closed-head of dirt accumulation pores, cysts or cyst, fiber-like, red skin etc. We will have to reduce the eating of oily and spicy foods, chocolate and ice-cream to get rid from brona.





The main cause of Mechata is the imbalance of melanin in skin. A type of pigment is present below in our skin. The particular part which are more capable than parts of the skin becomes darker than the surrounding parts of the skin. As a result, the part shows light brown or black brown. It is called Mechata. It is not allergy or cancer, it is a skin disease which impact beauty. It can be seen in various places of the skin including cheeks, nose, upper lip, neck etc. It makes our social lives upset through defacement. Although mechata can be seen at any ages, it is found more 15-16 year-old adolescents. Mechata is not possible to remedy altogether. However, the condition can be improved. At first, you will have to go a good dermatologist to remedy Mechata.


Drink plenty of clean water to remove mechata. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. If you are accustomed to caffeine food, you will have to drink more water. Stay away from fried and processed foods. Try to eat fresh vegetables and fresh-ripe fruit. If Mecheta stay in both face and other parts of the body, he does not eat foods like gluten or corn.



Eczema is a skin condition that is caused by inflammation of the skin. Different types eczema is differ from the symptoms. But the more common symptoms are reddish, inflamed skin; Dry, scaly skin; itching skin; skin rash with small hands and feet of water, and the signs of eczema. It is quite difficult to completely eradicate eczema. Therefore, the main goal of treatment is to keep under control the disease and help the patient to lead normal life. But, stay away from the alkaline soap, detergent, gasoline as much as possible, avoid synthetic fabrics and wool, hot water bath to refrain, use moisturizer in the body after bathing.



Anywhere in the body can be affected by the fungus. In most cases, it is ringworm. The attack can be on the scalp, hands, groin or between the toes. It is touching disease. The affected areas are round and scratchy. Ringworm in head is round and the hair of the affected area decreases. Every day, you will have to wash the affected areas with soap and water to remedy from it. It also is important to keep dry the affected space. Sometimes, Ringworm can also be used from soap, this time the soap should be stopped a few days.


The harmful rays of sun are the main cause of wrinkles. So avoid the sun. The other causes of aging problems are access mental pressure, smoking, processing food, go to sleep late night. Avoid this habit. Drink lots of water, eating green vegetables.


Nutrients of skin


We can easily skip the above problems if we can ensure the necessary nutrients for the skin for a healthy skin. Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, Omega-3, etc., ensure the soundness of the skin. These components include green vegetables and fruits. So put the greens in your diet. Make the habit of eating fruit every day. And if we can do these, you can get rid from the unexpected problems. In addition, some changes in your lifestyle and awareness can give you a perfection and beauty of the skin.


Medical science has also made progress in solving skin problems. You can get rid in most of the skin problems without one or two cases. You can take treatment from the existing laser medical centres. Among them Dr Jumu Khan Medical Centre is much familiar. You can take treatment from other medical centers as well.  

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