How to get rid of hair loss

Hair is an important element of our beauty. The glimmer of dense and bright makes one attractive in a crowd of people. That is why we can see different types of newer fashions with attractive hairs. But most people are frequently chased by a far factor – hair fall.

Hair fall is a common problem of the present day. The conscious people patiently try to get rid of the problem. One can easily avoid the problem of hair fall or baldness by developing a clear idea about the real causes of hair fall and ways to prevent the phenomenon.

As a matter of fact hair fall and regeneration of hair is a natural process of human body. It becomes a problem only when the rate of hair fall exceeds the normal ratio. One’s hair density becomes thinner when the ratio of hair fall exceeds the regeneration rate. The fall of 100 hairs everyday is treated normal but if the figure appears more than 100 that could be called an abnormal rate.

The inadequacy of required nutrition for human scalp and deposit of dirt at hair roots cause different types of infections and dandruff weakening the hair roots. Abnormal hair fall is also caused by different diseases, drugs, food habits and genetic factors. But the main causes are:

  • Genetic factors are responsible for hair fall in 95 percent cases. Due to genetic reasons the men develop baldness in the middle of their head and two sides of their foreheads while the phenomenon appears on the frontal part and two sides of the heads of women
  • Dandruff weakens hair roots causing excessive hair fall. Infections caused by bacteria can also cause hair fall.
  • Anemia caused by iron deficiency in body is another reason for hair fall. Iron deficiency reduces red blood corpuscle, which is very crucial for hair follicle, a mammalian skin organ that produces hair.
  • Side effects of different types of high powered drugs can cause hair fall.
  • Excessive use of hair shampoos, frequent colouring of hair and particularly use of low quality dyes are reasons of hair fall.
  • One could lose hair due to his or her thyroid hormone or liver.
  • Chemotherapy causes massive hair fall.
  • Excessive diet control causes reduced intake of nutrition resulting in the hair fall.
  • Women may lose hair once they enter into the menopause stage.
  • Mental stress is one of the factors of massive hair fall.
  • Excessive use of chemicals in the form of toiletries causes hair fall.
  • Someone having a family background of having rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, pernicious anemia may be exposed to problems of excessive hair fall.
  • Hair gels containing toxic chemical substance and excessive use of hair creams could cause hair fall.
  • You may not find enough hair on your head unless you sleep adequately.
  • Women can lose hair during their pregnancies.
  • Vitamin E deficiency can cause hair fall.
  • Smoking blocks blood circulation which may cause excessive hair fall and turn them brownish.

 Where there is a problem, a solution is there as well. There are different means to prevent hair fall. Some of these means will even help one generate hair as well. Some of these remedies are pointed out below.

  • Clean your hair using shampoo in every alternate day. This would help you remove the dirt and oily substances deposited on hair roots and strengthen it.
  • Consumption of Vitamin E is very effective in regenerating hair. So consume foods which contain the vitamin.
  • Everyone should have adequate veritable, vegetable leafs particularly “lal sak” and kachu shak” and fruits in their daily diet chart, as they provide required vitamins and minerals for hair health. Excessive dieting cause nutrition imbalance causing hair loss and hair growth.
  • Give up smoking to save your hair.
  • Consume food having protein which will not only prevent hair fall but also regenerate hair.
  • Avoid intake of food having excessive sugar and fat.
  • Massage at least once a week your hair roots. This will enhance blood supply to the scalp and help regenerate hair.
  • Sleep and rest adequately for hair growth.

Besides, following the above advices, you can take specialist suggestions. The medical science on hair health developed a lot in our country that witnessed the introduction of modern treatment systems like hair re-growth and hair transplantation to remove your baldness. One can get the treatment from several health facilities having modern equipment. Laser Medical Centre is one such facility. One can also seek the treatment in several other facilities as well. But everyone should be careful about wrong treatments in fake facilities. Instances are there when many of these fake treatment facilities may give offer people their special creams or oils which appeared very counterproductive.

 So chose your treatment system carefully to ensure your hair health.

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