Campaign launched calling fair financing for excluded children

A global campaign was launched today in 120 countries simultaneously including Bangladesh calling for ensuring fair finance and equal treatment to the children that are still left behind to get blessings of ongoing development.

"We need to address the root causes and consequences that every last child is facing particularly in hard-to-reach rural areas and urban slam areas. They are being systematically left out by design or neglect," said Save the Children Bangladesh country director William Lynch while briefing journalists about different features of the campaign at the Gulshan office of internationally leading child right promoting organisation.

Under the three-year global campaign styled "Every Last Child", he said Save the Children will raise the issues of ensuring basic rights to hard to reach children by involving government bodies,policy makers, local NGO's and media through advocacy.

The campaign, initiated by Save the Children, basically will call the government to ensure that the budget making process will include the "Every last child" principle in resource allocations as well as better investment for quality health coverage and education for the hard -to-reach children of rural areas and slum areas.

"We have identified three main barriers - financial, discriminatory and participatory- that excluded children face when accessing their rights to health, education, child and social protection," Save the Children Director Hagar Russ said while giving a presentation to newsmen.

The campaign aims to galvanize action in ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity to survive and thrive, and achieve their full potential regardless of where they live or where they born.

She said Bangladesh has already placed 7th five year plan focusing pro-poor growth and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) sets target to ensure - no child should die from a preventable disease, every child should have the food and able to read and write and no child should live in fear.

Against this backdrop, Hagar said "Now is the time to invest in Bangladesh's most valuable asset,the new generation. As Bangladesh is committed to fulfill SDGs to sustain middle income country status and seeks to realise its "Vision 2021", addressing children lagging behind in hard-to-reach rural areas and urban slums must be a priority."

Save the Children, Bangladesh director, programme development and quality Sharon Hauser, deputy director, civil society and governance, Shamsul Alam, Senior Manager, Communication and Media Md Abdul Quayyum and Manager Advocacy and Communication Laila Karim were present.

Under the campaign with the slogan "We Stand Beside Every Last Child", Save the Children will call upon the Bangladesh government to commit to a set of national guarantees or a 'minimum social floor'for the deprived children in Bangladesh to realise their rights to health, education, physical protection and social protection.

"We are saying that in Bangladesh, we have made amazing progress over the last decade as more children than ever before survive their early years and are able to read and write. But many children still have been left behind because they live in remote rural areas or urban slums," official documents of Save the Children quoted.

Considering that the overall realisation of the child rights in Bangladesh is hampered by slow implementation of policies, the campaign will call for equal treatment for all children like ensuring safe play areas in urban slums as well as establishing accountability of service providers to children.

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