Support at Young Age Was an Encouragement

"I was hopeful of getting the scholarship. I really worked hard. During the exams I got up at 04.00 am and studied until midnight. I tried to do my best for my academic performance. I am the second girl in my class. I did very well at last year's final exam with a GPA 5. My mother played a key role in my success. She really took care of me. She ensures that I am doing everything on time".

Tamima was four years old when she enrolled in the first batch of Save the Children's Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) program in 2007. She graduated the year after. All children from her batch are now in class VI, no drop-outs. These children are doing well in their exams. Tamima was awarded a scholarship with a GPA of 5.

Her achievements have made her parents and ECCD teachers very proud. Tamima, (11) now and in class VI at the best school in her area. Mominpur High School is well known for its academic excellence. She lives with her parents and a younger brother in the small village of Borshibaria in the district of Meherpur. She seems to be rather quiet but hasinnocence smile on her face. Her mother is a housewife who has played an active role in her pursuit for the scholarship. Mother's attention and Tamima's punctuality made a winner combination.She hopes for a brighter future.

ECCD program has now one year pre-primary education support that offers 4-5 year old children to learn and prepares them to skills for further education. Pre-primary curriculum is a preparation for the primary school.

Sessions with the children are very interactive and the activities vary a lot. Children with a background from the center are more confident and they perform better in primary school than children without pre-primary experience. Save the Children's "Shishuder Jonno" (For the Children) program is funded by sponsors from the US and elsewhere. Sponsored program started in Meherpur in 2007.

The program has four core components:Early Childhood Care and Development, Basic Education, School Health and Nutrition and Adolescent Development. In Meherpur the program is implemented for positive and lasting changes among children and across the whole community.

Tamima is a good example showing that the program has brought lasting changes in children's life.

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