Child Budget in the Making

"Child budget will be similar to Gender Budget that we are presently producing. I congratulate Save the Children and CSID for developing a framework to it. To develop a child budget, we need support from those organizations working with child budget: Finance Minister Mr. Abul Maal Abdul Muhith MP, Honorable Finance Minister said separate child budget will be prepared next year.”

Save the Children and its partners have run a campaign for child budget since 2006 involving child rights organizations, child parliament and policy makers. After eight years of campaigning, the Finance Minister of Bangladesh Government finally pledged for a child budget during the
2014-15 National Budget declaration.

Due to many years of observation and studies, Save the Children found out that allocation for children and priorities for deprived children were not sufficiently reflected in the National Budget.Save the Children and its partner Center for Service and Information on Disability (CSID) commissioned a study on National Budget Tracking in Child Related Ministries in 2011.

It was published in 2012 with a recommendation of incremental allocation for children.In the report it was estimated that the total budget directly allocated has been almost constant over the years and amounts a mere 4.1 per cent of the National Budget in the Fiscal Year of 2010-11.

Save the Children and CSID started a campaign and developed an advocacy plan for a separate child budget. The organizations also arranged capacity building workshop for CSO, academia, public officials and journalists in order to raise awareness of the need of a child budget.

To influence the Members of the Parliament, Save the Children and CSID formed a Parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights (PCCR) and arranged planning workshops for the child budget.

Consequently, in his budget speech the Finance Minister declared the Government's intention to formulate a separate child budget. After the verbal commitment there were lobbyist meetings with the top officials at the Finance Ministry. Save the Children and CSID commissioned a study on the frame work and guidelines of a child budget in Bangladesh.

They also provided technical support to the Ministry of Finance. In December 2013 a validation workshop on child budget framework was held for the Ministry of Finance and other important ministries. Targeting the budget of 204-15, there were several meetings with senior officials of the Minister of Finance and Planning.

Save the Children and CSID submitted a study report providing a frame work and guidelines of a child budget and delivered it to Finance Minister Muhith. He provided a message in the report which indicates an endorsement in budget process from the top decision makers
in Bangladesh.


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