Bangabandhu gives vital directives in his Homecoming Day speech

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave some significant directives in his Homecoming Day speech at Race Course Maidan (now Suhrawardi Uddyan) in the capital on January 10, 1972.

The directives were vital to rebuild the war-torn nation, maintain peace and harmony in the society and strengthen ties with global communities for getting necessary cooperation to achieve the ultimate goals of the War of Liberation.

The ultimate target, set out by the architect of independence Bangabandhu in the historical 7th March speech, was also reiterated in his homecoming speech on the soil of independent Bangladesh on the day.

"The people of Bangladesh are free today. We have much works ahead," the undisputed leader of Bangali nation told the mammoth gathering on that day.

In the speech, Bangabandhu referred to his life-long desire of bringing independence to the Bengali nation and freeing people from all kinds of oppressions, injustice and discrepancies. At the same time, he prioritised the areas those should be addressed at the first place for achieving the target.

After the historical 7th March speech that effectively declared the independence of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu on March 14 in 1971 gave a statement to the media with 35 important directives to run state affairs during the War of Independence.

As a result of the instructions the direct control of the Pakistan government over East Pakistan was virtually ceased. People took the 35 directives of Bangabandhu as a must to protest against the oppression of Pakistani ruler and to get freedom from their repression.

The directives were related to all major areas including administration, education, law and order, port operation, foreign trade, communication, agriculture, services, development, industries, flood control, bank and treasury, tax collection, insurance and trade and business and payment of pension for retired employees and salaries of government and semi-government staff and primary school teachers.

In the speech, Bangabandhu underlined the priorities to transform a worn-torn country into a prosperous state.

He also put the infrastructure at the forecourt, which is vital for resuming communication, doing business and supporting people in need across the country.

"Our roads and bridges have been destroyed. You (have) to start to repair them," the Father of the Nation said making the fervent call to the rejoicing people across the country.

The Father of the Nation who he was undisputed in all concerns warned against irregularities for building a welfare nation.

"Let me warn my officers, do not accept bribe. Corruption will not be allowed in this land anymore," he said.

Another major directive in his speech was for maintaining peace and harmony in the society. He instructed people to maintain peace.

"You will have to maintain peace. The peace-loving Bengalees have shed blood. They also know how to maintain the peace," said Bangabandhu.

He also ensured security of non-Bengali people advising them to become people of Bengal, but mentioned in a very decisive voice that the people who collaborated and killed independent-loving people would not be pardoned.

As far as foreign policy in concern, the Father of the Nation gave a clear outline about the theme of the policy - 'Friendship to All, Malice to None'. The greatest leader of all times was so generous that he even indicated that diplomatic relation with Pakistan might me established.

In this regard he said, "We may have relations with you (Pakistan) as we may have relations with any other nation of the world".

In the speech, he called upon the global community for recognising the newly born Bangladesh as an independent country and requested help from them to construct roads and houses and supply food to people who lost everything during the nine-month war.

Requesting world communities, he said, "I appeal to all countries of the world; there is no road in my Bangladesh. There is no food. My people have lost their homes. I want your help".

He also made an appeal to the world for supporting Bangladesh in becoming a member of the United Nations.

The Father of the Nation gave this directive to build Bangladesh as a modern nation where all people will have equal rights. "I want to tell you in clear and unambiguous term that ours will be a secular, democratic and socialist country".

He said that without rebuilding the nation in a right way, the independence will be worthless. "Let me tell you that this freedom of ours will remain incomplete if the people of Bangladesh do not get sufficient food, our mothers and sisters do not get clothes and the young men their work".

Millions of people all sections of the society, who gathered at the Race Course to listen to their most beloved leader after a period of nine months, were overwhelmed with the speech of Bangabandhu, who was also understandably so emotional that he burst into tears on a number of occasions during the speech.

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